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April 2011


When Teens Face Tough Times, Community Support Can Help

Full of stress and anxiety, our years as a teenager are extremely difficult for many. Support from your community can make all the difference.



Women's Day: Fighting Stigma

Stigma is a problem faced by many who live with an illness. Three women tell their stories about how they fought the stigmatization associated with their illness.


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May Is Mental Health Month

Mental illness can strike anyone at any time. One in four American families is affected by mental illness every year. Every year, May is celebrated as Mental Health Month to help bring awareness to the important issue of mental health. Want to get involved and help?


Omega 3

A New Approach to Schizophrenia?

Have scientists learned how to grow cells associated with schizophrenia? What could it mean for future research and medicine?


NAMI Bookshelf

NAMI Bookshelf

April 2011

Including reviews of the book Nerve and the movie Fly Away.



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