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Senator Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy: A Member of the NAMI Family

NAMI mourns the passing of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a true champion for individuals and families affected by serious mental illness.
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depressed child

Study Finds Depression in Children as Young
as 3

Depression in children as young as 3 is real and not just a passing grumpy mood, according to new research.
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Dr. Ken Duckworth

Dr. Ken Duckworth Talks about Dual Diagnosis on NPR

The NPR radio program Behind Closed Doors delves into issues that people often don't talk about openly because of shame or stigma.
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family to family for veterans

A Veteran Family Member's Take on the NAMI Family-to-Family Program

NAMI and the Veterans Health Administration partnered one year ago to bring Family-to-Family (F2F) to one VHA facility in each of the 49 states offering the program.
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Hearts and Minds

NAMI Hearts and Minds Online—Coming Soon!

The NAMI Hearts and Minds program is an online, interactive wellness educational initiative premiering Fall 2009.
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NAMI Bookshelf

NAMI Bookshelf

This month NAMI reviews We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders.
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