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For Mental Health Month

OUT OF THE SHADOW: Buy the Film--Help NAMI

Filmmaker Susan Smiley, producer of the award-winning documentary Out of the Shadow, will donate 20% of proceeds from sales of the DVD now through the end of May.

In addition, she will offer assistance to NAMI affiliates wanting to do community screenings of the film during "Mental Health Month" in May.

The film can be purchased through the film's website.  You will need to enter the promotion code "NAMI09" at the bottom of the check out page.

Filmed over five years and seen on PBS in 2006, Out of the Shadow chronicles the filmmaker’s mother Millie’s life and her years in the public health system. It illustrates the painful complexities of schizophrenia and the family dynamics that can result from having a loved one who suffers from serious mental illness.

Yet, it is a very hopeful film, dispelling stigmas and misconceptions while also showing that recovery is possible. "It is a heart-felt and eye-opening film that needs to be seen by everyone, in order to effect change," says NAMI medical director Ken Duckworth.

The film is one hour long. There are several versions of the film available including:

  1. Spanish subtitles
  2. DVD for European viewers, which includes Spanish, French, Italian, German and Greek subtitles.
  3. General Education version, shortened (36 minutes) for classroom use.

The DVD has sliding scale pricing because it is widely used in university and college classrooms for students of nursing, social work, psychology, high school health education as well as Faith Communities.

There are several teaching guides available for free download from the website including Guides for Mental Health Professionals, High school students, Families and Faith Groups.

The home video version DVD sells for $23.95 (with bonus material).

The close-out DVD is $16.95 (film only; no bonus material). All prices include shipping.

The film can be purchased through the film's website, or by calling Vine Street Pictures at (310) 636-0116 (not toll-free).

Also, call Vine St. Pictures for help setting up  a screening for Mental Health Month.

Buyers will need to enter the promotion code: the bottom of the "check out" when they purchase the film through the website.

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