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NAMI Launches New PSA Campaign

Improving Lives through support, education and advocacy is the message. Connecting is the opportunity.

This month, NAMI launched a national public service announcement (PSA) initiative called Puzzle Pieces that encourages people to connect with each other through NAMI.

"We know that with early detection, appropriate treatment and support from family and friends, people with mental illness can lead healthy, rewarding lives," said Michael Fitzpatrick, NAMI executive director.

"NAMI members connect to educate each other and encourage their loved ones during their personal journeys to wellness. NAMI offers hope to people during difficult times."

Puzzle Pieces includes four 60-second and three 30-second radio PSAs featuring testimonials from individuals and families who describe their experiences with mental illness and the role NAMI played in their recovery. The television PSA is a 30-second spot that conveys the support and strength NAMI members give each other. Print PSAs are also available.

In addition to the national distribution of the PSA, NAMI affiliates have the opportunity to participate in the initiative through engaging with local media stations and in supplementing the national distribution with their own local efforts. Tools for grassroots leaders have been developed and reports, area listings and resources are easily accessible online.

The PSA will serve the organization across all functions, primarily promoting NAMI and the services the organization provides nationally and in communities across the country.

"The PSA is the result of several years of effort by NAMI grassroots leaders, staff and the board of directors," said Katrina Gay, director of communications.

"In addition to the commitment and talent of the creative team at Publicis USA, NAMI acknowledges the creative contributions of animator Hana Shimizu of Hornet and musician Robert Mittenberg of Mutato Muzika who made the PSA possible." visitors can view the TV and listen to the radio PSAs at Leaders Only materials are accessible from this site as well.

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