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ADHD: Who makes the diagnosis?

But although Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical condition with medical treatments available, often doctors aren't the ones suggesting a diagnosis. Parents should keep in mind that not all children who have problems in school have the disorder, and not all who do need medication. - CNN

Depression on the Rise in Colleges?

A study found that amongc college Students, depression and use of psychiatric medicines hve increased in the past 12 years. - WebMD

Restraint And Seclusion Bill Hits Bumpy Road On Path To Senate

The fate of a bill that would limit restraint and seclusion in the nation’s schools may hinge on a provision barring the practices from being included in a student’s individualized education plan, or IEP. - Disability Scoop

Mental-Health Checkup on Media Coverage

Columnist Robert David Jaffee thinks it's a sign of the progress we are making in this country in educating the public about mental illness, that none of the leading news outlets of the leading news outlets speculated about a mental health connection in a recent slaying. - Huffington Post

Clues Help ID Depressed People at Risk of Bipolar Disorder

Research released in The American Journal of Psychiatry found that depression with periods of increased energy and decreased need for seep could raise risk of bipolar disorder. - WebMd

Election Day Countdown: 'Mental Health Gets My Vote'; Voting Rights Of People With Mental Illness Are Protected

Read about NAMI's Election 2010 website and the laws related to the right to vote for people livign with mental illness. - Medical News Today

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