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Singer Susan McKeown Releases New Single, Tour Dates

Grammy Award-winning vocalist Susan McKeown performed at the 2010 NAMI Convention. Now she may be performing in a city near you. Learn about her new album, Singing in the Dark, which explores themes of mental illness and an upcoming free concert in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. -

Kansas Amendment Would Clarify Mentally Ill's Right to Vote

Mental health advocates rallied in Wichita, Kansas, in support of the Kansas Disqualification Amendment, which would remove language from the Kansas constitution which allows the legislature to bar people living with mental illness from voting. - Wichita Eagle

Georgia Will Move Many from State Hospitals to Community Care

An agreement resolved a Justice Department lawsuit brought in January under the Americans with Disabilities Act. People living with developmental disabilities will not be admitted to state hospitals after July 1, 2011 and the state will expand community services for people living with mental illness. - Los Angeles Times

Mental health providers grapple with Medicaid expansion

Hospitals, doctors, nurses and their advocates nationwide raise concerns that Medicaid expansion is being built on a network that cannot support it. -Washington Post

Medical Student Distress and the Risk of Doctor Suicide

Though research has shown for decades that physicians have a higher rate of suicide than the general population, the medical field and its educational institutions struggle to bring down these numbers. - New York Times

DSM-5 Field Trials Off to Late Start

Testing of new diagnostic criteria proposed for the DSM-5 is now underway, more than two months behind schedule. - MedPage Today

Suicides Put Spotlight on Bullying and Other Pressures of Gay Teenagers

The recent suicides of several gay teenagers have brought attention to the dangers of bullying among young people. - New York Times

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