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January 2011


NAMIs Voice: The Arizona


NAMI spoke out in the wake of the Arizona tragedy, bringing attention to the mental health care system and helping to shape media coverage. Read more.


Survey: Identity and Recovery

Mental illness can cause profound changes in self-image. Yet having a strong identity can help in recovery. Take our survey to share your experiences. Read more.

Metabolic Syndrome

The Rise and Rise of Metabolic Syndrome

People who take second-generation antipsychotics are at a higher risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Can diabetes and cardiovascular disease be avoided? Read more.

Anxiety and the Brain

Anxiety and the Brain

For people experiencing anxiety, the simple things in life can be overwhelming, causing reactions deep within the brain. Recent research has looked to neurotransmitters for answers. Read more.

NAMI Bookshelf

NAMI Bookshelf

January 2011

Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey and The 10 Best-ever Depression Management Techniques.  Read more.


By NAMI staff and guest

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