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NAMI and Revolution Health: Start Your Revolution!

When a medical crisis struck close to home, AOL co-founder Steve Case decided there had to be a better way — so he created Revolution Health. Revolution Health is a new health care Web site dedicated to empowering people to take control of their health and wellness so they can live their best lives. 

NAMI has partnered with Revolution Health to help people better manage their mental health challenges and healthy living goals by bringing together a blend of the best health information, tools, communities and services all in one place.

You can get the answers to your most common health questions and get informed so you can make your health — and your family's — a priority in your busy life. For the holidays, Revolution Health can help you find credible mental health information that can get you through all the magic, joy, stress and depression that the holidays can trigger.

The holiday season is a time of festivity, parties, shopping, entertaining, religious observances, family gatherings and decorating, and can be full of excitement and promise. However, with this time of year inevitably comes stress. You can learn how to cope better this year by visiting Revolution Health.

When stress is at its peak, it's hard to stop and regroup. Take steps to help prevent normal holiday depression from progressing into chronic depression. On Revolution Health you can get practical tips for dealing with stress and depression this year.

The general mood tracker on Revolution Health is also an easy way for you to monitor your moods and establish patterns. Plus, there are lots of other trackers and tools to help you manage your health — from blood pressure to exercise routines. Try the mood tracker on Revolution Health.

Revolution Health has rich resources for people learning about mental health and wellness and NAMI is teaming up with Revolution Health to create a group dedicated just for you! In the NAMI group on Revolution Health, you’ll be able to get expert tips and connect with others who share your health resolutions for 2008.

Check out Revolution Health Goals today and stay tuned for instructions for how to join a group dedicated to NAMI supporters like you. In the NAMI group you can share your experiences, suggest solutions, set your 2008 goals and inspire each other every day to stick with it!

Start your New Year’s Revolution with NAMI and Revolution Health today!

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