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The New NAMI Affiliate: An Integral Part of the Community

Operating a NAMI affiliate in the new millennium presents challenges and opportunities that can propel your affiliate into the mainstream of your community.  This track provides information that will enable state and affiliate leaders to increase 1) the volume and effectiveness of NAMI programs and services, 2) the number and diversity of people they serve, and 3) the number and diversity of their membership and leadership.  This will be accomplished by generating greater consensus among NAMI leaders regarding 1) the distinct, unique and complementary roles and functions of each component of NAMI and 2) how each component should interrelate with the others to best accomplish our shared objectives.

Session One: How to Work Upstream and Downstream: Maximizing Available Resources

Session Two: Supply and Demand: New Affiliates for Special Populations and Affinity Groups


Session Three: Answering the Call: Affiliate and Advocacy


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