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As the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, waves of Service members are making happy reunions with their loved ones back home. But the joy can be short lived once the realities of readjustment into everyday life begin to sink in.

NAMI has partnered with Army OneSource (AOS) to provide a free nationally accredited five-course online training program, Treating the Invisible Wounds of War, designed for NAMI Family-to-Family teachers, NAMI leaders, behavioral health professionals or others who come in direct contact with Service members and their families through the course of their work. The courses build awareness and offer best practices in military culture, the impact of combat stress and deployment on children and families and PTSD.

"The more we can understand their culture and the unique problems their families face, the better we can help them readjust to a happy life in our community.

Sign up for this important training today and help bring our local heroes the rest of the way home.

To sign up for the on-line training programs, click here and use referral code AOS-NAMI to register.

[Download What NAMI F2F Teachers Need to Know fact sheet]

Family to Family

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  • For family members, partners and friends of someone living with a mental illness
  • 12-week course
  • Disponible en Español

"Before I took the course, I felt alone and overwhelmed dealing with my daughter’s mental illness. By taking this course, I have met others who are going through the
same things I am and have learned about many resources that I never knew existed."

Peer to Peer

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  • For consumers (people living with a mental illness)
  • 10-week course
  • Disponible en Español

"Peer-to-Peer has allowed me to take the focus off my illness and learn to balance it with the rest of my life. By engaging in recovery I am able to be more relaxed and productive both at work and home."

Family to Family

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  • For parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses
  • Meets once a week for 6 weeks or twice a week for 3 weeks

"This is the best program for families with children. It answers so many questions for parents. It can change and improve so many lives."

Provider Education


  • For providers of mental health services
  • Meets for 6 weeks

"This course has given me a much greater appreciation for the heroism of people
living with mental illness and for the families who love and support them."

Parents and Teachers as Allies


  • For school professionals
  • Two hour in-service program

"This program gave me a new understanding of the importance of my role in early recognition of kids with symptoms of mental illness and the urgency of early intervention on their behalf."

NAMI Connection

watch program video

  • For consumers
  • Meets once a week
  • Disponible en Español

"I am not alone! There is a place where people understand me, are there to help me, and I feel better about myself when I help someone else.

I can get involved in NAMI Connection and make a difference!"

Family Support Group
  • For family members/loved ones of someone living with a mental illness
  • Meets once a month

"Using the support group model is so essential to the success of our family support groups. Without the training, networking, and support of the group members I fear that support groups would become nothing more than "cry" sessions or “gripe” sessions. As a group the collective wisdom covered a lot of possibilities towards the issues."

In Our Own Voice

watch program video

  • For the general public
  • Recurring one time presentations
  • Disponible en Español

"The reason why this program is such a valuable resource for us is that it puts a human face on people who are living successfully with a mental illness."

Hearts and Minds


  • For the general public
  • Online, interactive, educational initiative

"This course has literally been a life saver. It has opened my eyes to better understanding my illness and methods of recovery I did not know about before taking the course."

Convention 2011

2011 Hall of Fame Nominees 

Family-to-Family Research Plenary Power Point, Dr. Lisa Dixon

NAMI Education Help Desk

Education Courses Families, Caregivers, Support Family to Family Peer to Peer NAMI Basics NAMI Hearts and Minds Families, Caregivers, Support Provider Education

Education Courses Connection Connection

Programs for Educators Parents and Teachers as Allies

Presentations In Our Own Voice


Unique Mental Health Challenges Facing Veterans – NAMI interviews Daniel Williams and Julicia Ramirez-Wiley.

NAMI Interviews General William "Buck" Kernan, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Joint Forces Command, Ret. – Serving Today’s Veterans, Military and Families.


Latino Networking Group Webinar (October 17, 2012) 

Lunch & Learn (December 6, 2011)

Lunch & Learn (December 8, 2011)

How Do You Keep Volunteers Actively Engaged and Productive?

Society says “ADULT”, we say “they are still our children”: Learning to let go

Complete list of Magellan Sponsored Webinars- At a Glance

To receive accompanying Power Point presentations for Magellan sponsored webinars, please contact Lynne Saunders at

Support Our Troops and Their Families: Implementing NAMI Family-to-Family at Your VHA Facility

Sharing best strategies to increase the number of families of Veterans in Family-to-Family classes

Acheiving local coordination between a NAMI affiliate and a VHA facility to set up a Family-to-Family plan.

Veterans Join NAMI Connection: A Successfull Collaboration Makes it Happen!

Families of Veterans Participate in a F2F "Class 13" on PTSD

Pulling it All Together: Creating a Veterans Mental Health Council

Magellan Health Services 


To order, contact Tell her how you plan to use the brochure and you will receive your FREE copies.

If you are working with a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facility, you can also request the Veteran-specific version of this brochure.

Contact the NAMI Affiliate nearest you to learn more about programs offered in your local community.

Contact NAMI ( for more information or call the NAMI HelpLine: (800) 950-NAMI

Visit the Help Desk for NAMI Education Leaders.


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