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NAMI Basics Webinar on Transition –
Society says “ADULT”, we say “they are still our children”: Learning to let go


Copies of these handouts should be made for each participant.  Handouts may be distributed to participants as they enter the room, or individually as they are discussed in the presentation.  If time is a factor, distributing them at the beginning is a better option, since handing out materials can eat away at presentation time.

Handout # 1: Checklist for the Transition Process

Handout # 2: Preparing to become an Adult: the Parent/Family’s Perspective

Handout # 3: Preparing to become an Adult: the Youth’s Perspective

Handout # 4: Bazelon Center for MH Law: Campus Mental Health Know Your Rights 2008; Questions for University/College Dean of Students or Director of Counseling

Handout # 5: Federal Programs to Assist TAY

Handout # 6: Prevention Planning for TAY & the Prevention Planning Process

Handout # 7: Additional Resources

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