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Depression and Men

Depression doesn't make you less of a man. In fact, six million men are affected annually by this medical illness. SIX MILLION. You're not alone…and you shouldn't be afraid to seek help.

More than six million men in the United States have at least one episode of major depression each year. Unfortunately, the lingering image of depression as a female condition may keep men who are clinically depressed from recognizing the symptoms of depression and seeking treatment. continue

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Men & Depression Check List:

Depression symptoms for men and women are different. Do any of these apply to you?

Have you been "acting out" with any of the following uncharacteristic behavior?

  • Violent or abusive behavior
  • Inappropriate rage
  • Escapist behavior (i.e. over involvement in work or sports)
  • Risky behavior (i.e. reckless driving)
  • Sexual liaisons
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • More frequent thoughts of suicide


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