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In 2002, the Oscar-winning movie, A Beautiful Mind, brought the story of Nobel Laureate John Nash and his life with schizophrenia to sold-out audiences across the country. In the spirit of this inspiring, moving and realistic portrayal of mental illness, NAMI continues to dedicate itself to the many beautiful minds of our consumers, families and friends.

At the 2002 NAMI Convention, the Board of Directors launched the"Many Beautiful Minds" Endowment Campaign with a goal of $5,000,000 and a plan to present our deserving organization with a substantial endowment gift at the Silver Anniversary celebration during the 2004 Convention in Washington, DC. Your gift to this endowment will ensure that NAMI can carry out its mission in perpetuity.

As the major grassroots political force shaping the American mental illness agenda, NAMI clearly deserves the shelter and protection of a substantial endowment. Over the last quarter century, NAMI has often been the lone voice to champion issues such as:

  • Public education about and support for serious mental illnesses
  • The reduction of stigma related to mental illness
  • Nationwide healthcare parity
  • Increased funding for research
  • Improved opportunities for housing, rehabilitation and meaningful jobs.

A major focus of our continuing work is to achieve a fully funded, evidence-based recovery model, which will allow all consumers to attain their maximum personal level of recovery.

NAMI's signature programs, Family-to-Family, In Our Own Voice, NAMI Connection, NAMI Peer-to-Peer, NAMI Basics, as well as its support groups, NAMI HelpLine and educational National Website, have had a remarkably positive impact on the lives of consumers and family members.

Battles once won, however, cannot be taken for granted. They must be vigilantly guarded to secure an environment for NAMI to defend our past accomplishments and ensure future ones.

When considering your pledge, think about what NAMI has meant to you and your family. Where else would you have turned for help, education and solace? Also think about the many families who need the valuable services and support NAMI provides. Your personal investment will ensure NAMI remains the Nation's Voice on Mental Illness for generations to come.


*Excerpted from The Advocate
 Fall 2002

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