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About NAMI Stanislaus

NAMI Stanislaus is a nonprofit organization formed to offer emotional support, understanding and encouragement to persons having a mental disorder, and to their families and friends; to educate the community and ourselves about mental disorders, and work toward removing the stigma of mental disorders. We presently offer education to consumers using trained mentors who are consumers, to teach an intensive 10-week Peer-to-Peer course on major mental illness and relapse prevention. We additionally offer a 12-week Family-to-Family course for family members; do outreach to the community (Stanislaus Behavioral Health and Recovery, churches, schools, CIT officer training, and various organizations) to provide information about mental illness, family issues, our organization, and offer resources. The Provider Education Course educates mental health professions on consumer and family issues related to treatment.  Our affiliate does outreach into the community to educate the public about mental illness.  In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is presented by two people with mental illness advanced in recovery who tell their experiences with mental illness.  The result is that mental illness is viewed as a medical condition, is treatable, and that people with a mental illness can do well.  A similar program will begin soon with outreach to schools.  Parents and Teachers As Allies (PTAA) is presented by people with an early diagnosis and families of someone with an early diagnosis. 

NAMI endeavors to promote research, and alternative treatments, and cooperate with other groups who have similar interests and goals to achieve our common objectives. We encourage the inclusion of consumers and family members in the decision making for their care and treatment.

NAMI support group meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and include consumers and family members in both English and Spanish.  Meetings are at 500 N. 9th Street, Modesto and begin with a potluck at 5:30 p.m. and support groups at 6:30 p.m.  These groups provide a place that offers respect, understanding, encouragement, and hope.

If you would like to have a presentation to your church or organization, or would like more information about our support groups and programs, please call the NAMI Office at (209) 558-4555 or Joyce Plis at (209) 522-7872.


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