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NAMI Orange County is the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a national nonprofit organization, and NAMI North Carolina. We share the same mission: support, education, and advocacy on behalf of individuals with severe mental illness and their families.

Our membership consists primarily of family members of persons with mental illness plus those who support our mission. Anyone who supports our mission is welcome to join.

When you join NAMI Orange County, you will automatically become a member of NAMI North Carolina and NAMI national, and receive newsletters, legislative updates, and other materials about local, state and national activities.

Founded in 1979, NAMI has over 208,000 members in 1200 affiliates throughout the U.S. and Canada. NAMI Orange County is one of 34 local affiliates of NAMI North Carolina.

No one dealing with mental illness needs to manage alone. If you have a mental illness or have a loved one who has, it is important to have a supportive and understanding organization to help.

As a member of NAMI Orange County, you can learn about mental illnesses, which are brain disorders, various treatment options which are available, the current state of public support structures and the level of public funding, and how to live with mental illness on a day-to-day basis.

You can share with others and obtain personal support for care giving and self help. If needed, guidance toward professional help or guidance pertaining to hospitalization is available. You will be part of efforts to advocate for legislative action toward benefits and services for those with mental illness, the end of discrimination in insurance, housing, and employment, public awareness of the high incidence of mental illness and awareness of how treatable these illnesses are when diagnosed, elimination of the stigma of mental illness, and the need to regard those who have brain disorders with dignity and respect.

Events, Education and Support
Except for July, August and December when we hold potluck dinners, we sponsor  educational programs, social and other special events or participate in collaborative endeavors or activities related to our mission.

Our Family Support Group meets on the first Wednesday, second Monday, second and fourth Tuesdays.  Family to Family, a comprehensive course for family members of persons with mental illness, is offered in the Spring and Fall. Go to our calendar to check our current schedule. 

NAMI Orange County Board of Directors

President - Joanna Bowen

Past President - Lisa Hamill 

Vice President - Gary Gaddy

Secretary - Margaret Scarborough

Treasurer - Robert Weimer

Consumer Representative - Open

Family-To-Family Class Coordinator - Nancy Brickman

Membership - Nancy Brickman

Helpline - Gary Gaddy

Newsletter - Open

Professional Representative - Jenny Gadd

Publicity & Development - Joanna Bowen

Members at large - Jay Zaragoza, Gove Elder, Elin Abercrombie and Kay Maltbie 

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