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NAMI RV Mission Statement


We are an Alliance of persons dedicated to improving the lives of all people affected by brain disorders, such as Schizophrenia, Major Depression, and Bipolar Disorder.


Our Goal

To Unite,Network,Empower and Mobilize persons with mental illnesses, their families, friends, and service providers to work together for the best life possible for individuals with No-fault brain disorders.


At all levels NAMI is commited to

Support , Education , Advocacy, and Research



          By supporting each other we discover that we are not alone.  Through peer support we empower each other to carry on after a diagnosis of severe mental illness.  We offer support through our monthly meetings, personal relationships, newsletter information and advice about treatment and community resources and our monthly family support group  COPE AND HOPE.  We provide local support for those contacting NAMI's toll free helpline, 1 800 950-NAMI.  Through networking with local service providers, we empower families to effectively negotiate the mental health care system.  We strengthen our support as we unite the personal experiences and perspectives of our varied alliance membership. 


          We believe in continued learning about brain disorders as biologically-based medical problems that are treatable.  We provide education classes:  MESA(for families of adults with Brain disorders) in collaboration with Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare and VISIONS FOR TOMORROW( for caregivers of children with brain disorders) with the Mental Health Association of Roanoke Valley.  For more information on consumer education call 540 977 3470.  Our local, state and national newsletters and brochures provide up-to-date scientific information.  NAMI's Web site is . We meet and network with other families and consumers at annual state and national conventions featuring the latest developments in scientific research and community services.  We unite with other local organizations to sponsor events to educate the public, challenge negative stereotypes, and confront discrimination.  Through education we are empowered to be more effective advocates. 


          Our local, state and national organization is mobilized to promote better treatment and support services for people affected by brain disorders.  We network locally with other organizations to gain greater access to treatment, housing, employment, and better health insurance.  We seek to engage and enlist all in our effort to improve the quality of life for people with brain disorders.


          We applaud the progress that has been made in the last decade in mental illness research that reveals a biological basis for brain disorders and treatments that work.  This scientific revolution must continue.  NAMI RV supports cutting-edge research including NARSAD'S ANTI-STIGMATM SILVER RIBBON CAMPAIGN FOR THE BRAIN.  We are united in seeking support for increased federal and private funding for research into the causes of and cures for severe brain disorders.  We empower people to be a part of the solution by making them aware of opportunities to participate in research projects. 

Join NAMI RV Today

          We are a part of NAMI and NAMI Virginia,  the nation's and Virginia's voice on mental illness.  as a memeber of NAMI RV, you join forces with parents , spouses, siblings, children, friends, and people who have been diagnosed with a brain disorder.  We need your boice alongside NAMI's 220,000 members to mobilize effectively for improved treatment of and more research into these no-fault brain disorders.  Unite with us to fight stigma and discrimination.  Join our community of hope dedicated to building a better future for all affected by brain disorders. 

Annual Membership is obtained by doing the following:

Member- $35.00-- Open Door $5.00-- Organization/Corporation $50.00-- Sponsor $100.00

Send a check for one of the amounts above payable to NAMI Roanoke Valley, P.O. Box 20864, Roanoke, Virginia 24018-0864 

Include your name, address,city , state, phone,fax and email.  Indicate whether it is for renewal or not

NAMI RV is a 501(c)(3) organization  Dues and donations are tax decuctible.

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