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What is now NAMI Windham County started simply as a family support group in the early 1980's. It aligned with CAMI (Connecticut Alliance for Mental Illness), the predecessor of NAMI-CT in the early 1990's.

NAMI Windham County functions in the northeastern region of Connecticut and includes thirty towns in and around Windham County. Several neighboring towns that lack active support groups join our local families for the opportunities to learn, get support and contribute from their own experiences. So, we want you to know that ---


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness or are concerned because behaviors suggest that it may be a serious mental illness, NAMI would like to help. Encouragement, hope and knowledge are essential to all concerned.

Today we are a not-for-profit organization with suppport groups for family members and friends and consumers.We are open to forming other support groups that focus on siblings, spouses and other such individuals. Also, we are open to forming support groups for the parents of children under the age of eighteen. Please let us know if you are interested in any "specialized" support groups so we can organize them.

We also have a lending library that includes books and videos on mental illness, experiences and treatments. Advocacy is fostered at all levels of government and on the public to gain better treatments, better housing, better judicial treatment and better social acceptance. Education about mental illness is promoted and provided with special guest speakers, a speakers bureau, pointed classes for families, friends, consumers, providers and other interested people.

Special activities include:

                  An annual softball tournament fundraiser - held in April with local police, fire departments and other teams for a day of fun.

                  An annual Candlelight Vigil - held in October during Mental Illness Awareness Week.

                  The annual NAMIWalks for the Mind of America fundraiser

                   In Our Own Voice - a presentations by consumers to help anyone understand their progression to recovery. 

                   Other special presentatioins are. 

                   Family to Family Education Program - a twelve week, 36 hour course of mental health information and practical helps.

                   Provider Education Program - a ten week, 30 hour course for mental health workers giving secial information and helps.  


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