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Advocacy is a core component of NAMI's mission. Yet many NAMI members feel uncomfortable in talking with people in government.

One should remember that the government is in the business of providing services to its citizens.  We elect members to represent us at the local, state, and national levels.

As constituents, we should frequently communicate our ideas and concerns with them. 

NAMI's website has great tools to assist us in advocacy efforts.  Visit to become acquainted with these tools.

Then advocate!



Advocate at the national level.

There are two bills being discussed in the hall of Congress--HR 3717 and HR 4574.  It is very encouraging to read about proposed legislation that will profoundly help individuals with mental illness; however, there is some degree of difference between the bills.  NAMI seeks compromise. You can read NAMI's position on the two bills at this link.  

Please contact Rep. Tom Graves, Georgia's Congressman in the northwest Georgia District and ask him to support legislation that helps people with mental illness. Rep. Grave's phone number in Washington is 1-202-225-5211 and email is  Rep. Graves has a Rome office.  His contacts are Jackie Money and Linda Liles and can be reached at 706-290-1776 or by email, and respectively.



A large crowd gathers in Liberty Park on Jan. 20, 2015 to participate in Mental Health Day at the Capitol

An example of advocacy at the state level

2015 Legislative Priorities

  • Expand community resources and services to promote the successful community integration for people with mental illness who are re-entering from incarceration.
  • End inappropriate incarceration of individuals with mental illness by expanding accessible Accountability Courts/Mental Health Courts for all Georgians.
  • Provide appropriate, affordable housing for people living with mental illness.
  • Ensure access to effective community mental health programs.
  • Improve mental health services for children, youth, and young adults.


Vist for up-to-date issues.


How do I contact my state legislator?

  1. First, determine who you want to contact.
  2. Either state senator or representative.
    1. Scroll down to locate the applicable map to use to look up the district you live in.
    2. Identify the district number.
  3. Look up district by visiting the following website:
    1. Navigate to either the "House of Representatives" or "State Senate."
    2. Search for appropriate district number and locate name.
    3. Click on his or her name to find contact information and list of committees he or she serves.
  4. Make phone contact by identifying yourself, where you live, who you are with, and why you are calling.
    1. Be specific as to your advocacy need or request.
  5. Or make email contact and follow the same as above.  Note: telephone is preferable.



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