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Why should you become a member of NAMI?

NAMI is the "voice of mental illness" at the local, state, and national level.
Memberships enroll you at the local (affiliate), state, and national levels.
You will receive up-to-date information on items that concern our populations
The more members we have…
  • the louder and stronger our voice can be,
  • the more we can provide support and education to our peers,
  • the more we can increase our advocacy in the public, legislative, medical, social, and forensic arenas.

Membership Levels:

Our affiliate offers varied catagories of membership:
  • Family or individual membership $35/year
  • Open door membership for persons of limited means $3.00/year
  • Consumer membership: No cost
Members will receive state and national NAMI publications as well as our local affiliate newsletter, The Bridge.

Our Local Affiliate's newsletter:

Our newsletter, The Bridge, is available as a stand-alone option on our membership form for $10/year for postal delivery.
There is no cost for persons wishing to view The Bridge through this website.

How to join:

There are two ways to join our affiliate (which also includes membership in our state and national organizations):
1) Download our affiliate's membership form pdf. Fill it out and mail it to the address listed on the form, along with a check (if required).
2) To join NAMI the first time, you can go through NAMI's national website. (If you join this way, you must use a credit card and only family/individual or open door levels of memberships are available.)



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