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NAMI Central Susquehanna Valley is a local organization of individuals and families volunteering their time and energy

 to make a difference in the community.  Our goals are to provide emotional support to individuals and families through our support groups...

to educate families about mental illness through Family to Family classes...

and to provide resources on mental health issues through emails, newsletters and special programs.

We hope you will feel welcome to attend and participate in our meetings and programs.


NAMI Central Susquehanna Valley


PO Box 364

Danville, PA 17821

Thank you for wanting to join NAMI Central Susquehanna Valley, the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Your support will help us in working to improve awareness of mental illness and offer education and support to individuals and families affected by mental illness.

 Membership benefits include:

  • Becoming part of the collective voice working to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to support individuals and families whose lives are affected by mental illness.

  • A subscription to NAMI CSV’s newsletter.

  • A subscription to NAMI PA’s newsletter, The Alliance.

  • A subscription to NAMI nationals newsletter, The Advocate.

  • A 10% discount on books from the NAMI website.

  • A 20% discount on registration fees for NAMI conferences. 

NAMI Central Susquehanna Valley is a non-profit, self-help, organization. If you would like to become a member

 or renew your membership, please fill out this form and return it with the appropriate membership dues.

Copy this form to a text editing program like word pad and mail it to us.

I would like to:
____ Become a member of NAMI

____ Individual/Family ($35)   ____ Open Door ($3)   ____ Professional ($50)

____ Change my contact information    _____ Renew my membership

____ Sign up for the mailing list     _____ Remove my name from the mailing list

Name: ______________________________ Phone: ____________________ Email: ______________________


City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________

Please make checks out to NAMI Central Susquehanna Valley and mail to:
PO Box 364
Danville, PA 17821

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