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Rome is the home of three colleges and one university which are very active in the community.

Many of the students are away from their homes for the first time.  The rigors of living independently and focusing

on studies often bring on stressors.  Most deal with them admirably; however, some may be predisposed for a mental illness.

The onset of bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety seems to pop up in college years.  Awareness of their

signs is critical; however, they are frequently missed or brushed off.  Stigma is a driving factor in identifying

mental illness early and doing something about it.  NAMI on Campus is a great way to fight stigma and create

an atmosphere of acceptance on college campuses.  NAMI Rome has fostered relationships with area colleges

and hopes to put a fire on students to establish "NAMI on Campus" clubs. 

Cclick on the logo to learn more about NAMI On Campus


Spring 2014:  Shorter Univiersity in Rome is named the first NAMI on Campus Club in Georgia.  The student led club is supported by Shorter's Counseling Center, particularily Sarah Collier.  After organizing and recruiting members, the club held events that promoted mental health awareness.  NAMI Rome plans to assist the club as it grows. 







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