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Albuquerque Police Department

Crisis Intervention Team

Police officers are often faced with complex issues when addressing crisis situations where mental illness or emotional disturbance might be a factor.  These situations require the officer to make difficult judgments about the mental state and intent of the individual, and require special skills and abilities to deal with the person to avoid potential violence.

In January 1997, the Albuquerque Police Department incorporated the Crisis Intervention Team concept.  This innovative approach to crisis management has added a new dimension to law enforcement.  Highly trained uniformed specialists patrol the streets of Albuquerque providing rapid response to these often-volatile calls for service.  The officers draw from training and experience to implement the appropriate intervention, thereby minimizing use of force and risk to persons in crisis and police personnel.

The Crisis Intervention Team is composed of 108 skilled police officers distributed equitably throughout the city.  This team responds to over 300 crisis calls each month and transport nearly 50% of the persons contacted for professional mental health care.

This program exemplifies the Albuquerque Police Department’s dedication to our community’s needs by providing the highest standard of police service in partnership with the cities health care providers.

Crisis Intervention Team Specialized Training


  • Legal issues related to the mentally ill subject


  • Advanced communication skills


  • Incident stabilization and de-escalation


  • Suicide Intervention


  • Recognition of symptoms of the mental illness


  • Pharmacology (effects of medications)


  • Introduction to resources available to assist clients


  • Officer safety and tactical considerations


  • Elderly issues

Albuquerque Police Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 242-COPS (242-2677)

Westside Substation: 831-4705

Valley Substation: 761-8800

Northeast Substation: 823-4455

Southeast Substation: 256-2050

Foothills Substation: 332-5240

Special Investigations

Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator:     875-3500

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