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Family-to-Family Educaon Program Schizophrenia Schizoaffecve Disorder Depressive Disorders Bipolar Disorders (Manic Depression) Post Traumac Stress Disorder Panic Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder

FREE 12-week class Thursdays 6:00-8:30 PM Starts September 18, 2014 Class limited to 25 people Advanced registration required Call 272-0227 for more information and to register* *Veterans and families of veterans are encouraged to register! The Family-to-Family Educaon Program is taught by naonally trained family educators from NAMI Anchorage who are also family members of individuals with serious mental health condions. The class teaches family caregivers to provide understanding and support to their ill relaves while maintaining their own well-being. Over 300,000 people have completed the class naonwide. Course topics include: Dealing with crisis & chaos Symptoms & diagnosis Biology of the brain Medicaon review Substance abuse & aggression Empathy workshop Communicaon skills workshop Problem solving workshop Self-care for caregivers Recovery & rehabilitaon Are you a family member of someone who experiences mental illness? The Spring 2014 class is funded through a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and with contributions from our members and the community. Naonal Alliance on Mental Illness Anchorage * Veterans and families of veterans can also call Dr. Camilla Madden at 273-4034 at the VA. v07-18-14

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