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Suicide Prevention: Can We Talk? Suicide is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. But a new study shows that educating the group at risk can produce significant results.
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YANA: Keep Fighting
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Mental illness, an often isolating illness, affects one in five people.  It affects persons of any age, race religion or socioeconomic status.  It affects the entire family.  Mental illnesses are biological brain disorders and can disrupt a person’s thinking, feelings, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning.  Mental illnesses are treatable medical conditions.  Thanks to research and medical advances in medications and treatment, recovery is very likely. Many people feel isolated by mental illness due to the stigma and misinformation surrounding it.  If your life has been touched by mental illness, you are not alone.

The Forensic Network is an advocacy, education and support group for families and friends of persons having a brain disorder (mental illness) and involved with the criminal justice system.  Our seventeen-year affiliation with the state and national NAMI organizations continues making a difference in overcoming discrimination and stigma against those living with a severe mental illness.  Working together, our support group has worked to improve living conditions in the jails, prisons, and security hospital; we have provided information to families and persons affected by mental illness about the criminal justice system; and we have advocated at the state and national level for laws that improve the care and treatment of persons affected with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Forensic: "The science concerned with the relations between medicine and the law."  In psychiatry, forensic describes the interface between the mental health and the criminal justice systems and patients involved in both systems.

For more information call Joe Zwack  at (651) 484-8218.

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