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Mental Health and Crisis Services in Leon County and Surrounding Areas

For a mental health emergency or suicide attempt in progress, call 911 first.  It is imperative that you remain calm until professional help arrives.

  • Specifically tell the 911 operator this: "I am requesting the aid of a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer."  The operator will then send specially trained law enforcement officers, if available; who are trained in dealing with individuals undergoing a mental illness crises.  You can request that officers arrive without lights or sirens.

    Tallahassee Police Department and Leon County Sheriff's Office Central Dispatch
    – The new 24 hour non-emergency number is 850.606.5800.  Ask for a CIT trained officer or deputy.

    Florida Highway Patrol – Dial *FHP from any cellular phone.  This call is airtime free. 

    If this is a repeat crisis with a known history of a severe mental illness, it is essential that you tell the officers when they arrive. You can assist in getting the individual immediate help by using an important tool of involuntary examination and treatment called the "Baker Act". The Florida Baker Act law permits crisis center mental health care providers to evaluate and treat your loved one during a 72 hour period, if the following two criteria are met for someone believed to be experiencing harmful effects from a severe mental illness: (1) the person's condition and behavior puts themselves or others in danger, and (2) the person is unable to understand or determine their own need for treatment.   If the officers believe that a crisis center mental health professional is better suited to make the initial evaluation, the officers will then transport the individual to either Apalachee Center, Inc or Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.  To initiate involuntary commitment proceedings (Florida’s Baker Act), call the Leon County Probate Court 850.577.4180. For more information regarding the Baker Act process in Leon County, visit the Leon County Clerk of Courts' website linked here.

For suicide intervention, call 211 or 850.617.3333 to access a free, confidential hotline.   2-1-1 Big Bend is a private, telephone counseling, crisis intervention and referral service in Tallahassee (formerly known as the Telephone Counseling and Referral Service.)  Link to       

We recommend:
A series of podcasts from NAMI National to support listeners to develop a good understanding of early psychosis and possible associated diagnoses and to promote recovery strategies rooted both in experience and in the latest science.

If there is no suicide attempt or serious medical condition, and you feel that you do not need law enforcement assistance, but can safely transport the indivudual; you should first phone one of the receiving facilities: 

The Apalachee Center, Inc., 2634 Capital Circle NE, Tallahassee, FL, provides comprehensive mental health services for Leon and surrounding counties.  Call 850.523.3333 for a mental health crisis or 850.523.3303 for 24 hour evaluation and admissions, or toll free at 800.226.2931 for emergencies outside of Leon County.  One component of Apalachee crisis services includes PATH (Positive Alternative to Hospitalization). PATH is a short-term inpatient program designed to prevent hospitalization and stablize the crisis.  Visit for more details and services.  

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital - The Psychiatric Emergency Response Program (PERP) provides emergency psychiatric evaluations for persons experiencing a serious mental health crisis. This program is intended only for people who are suicidal, actively psychotic, or in some way a danger to themselves or others. The PERP nurse clinician or psychiatrist evaluates patients to determine if admission to either TMH Behavioral Health Unit or Apalachee Center is needed for inpatient care. Persons determined to be an immediate danger to themselves or others who refuse voluntary admission to an inpatient facility may be involuntarily admitted under the guidelines of the "Baker Act". Persons not needing admission to an inpatient facility will be referred to outpatient services in the community. To receive PERP services, persons should link to the website indicated below for specific information. It is strongly advised that a person be accompanied by family or friend. Regular emergency room charges do apply.

The Emergency Department 24-hour administrative number is 850.431.0911.  The 24-hour phone directly to the TMH Behavioral Health Center is 850.431-5100. Link to the website for the Behavioral Health Center here.

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