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                                JOURNEYS TO RECOVERY

                                    RECOVERY AND BEYOND

                                     IN OUR OWN VOICE                         

                                                                     by Guy C.  November 2010

          In February, 2010, Joyce and I had the opportunity to take part in an

In Our Own Voice Training program held in Peoria at the Embassy Suites.  It

was a productive weekend   It involves several stages.  The format involves: 

Introductions by both presenters and subjects including Dark Days, Accept-

ance, Treatment, coping skills and Successes, Hopes and Dreams.

          In Our Own Voice expands people's knowledge of mental illness. 

Misunderstandings, fears and myths are replaced with insight, awareness

and acceptance as people learn from the men and women whose lives were

interrupted by mental illness, but who are now role models for hope and


          In Our Own Voice gives people who have recovered from a mental

illness the chance to bring 'hope' to families who have a loved one

suffering from mental illness that their loved ones can recover.

          In closing, I would like to than NAMI for giving Joyce and me the

iooirtunity to take the IOOV traing classes on behalf of NAMI Kane County.



                            IN THEIR LOVED ONE'S RECOVERY

                                                                             by Guy C., January 2010

               The family plays an important role in the Recovery of an individual

who is diagnosed with a mental illness.  All too often family members disown

a loved one who suffers from mental illness.   I cannot stress to you how

important the support of family members, friends, and relatives play in one's

Recovery.  My loved ones and friends have given me the support to maintain

my Recovery.    

              I know personally of cases when the family and friends have

disowned an individual who is diagnosed with mental illness.  These friends

who have been disowned by their loved ones find it's hard to make it in the

community.  If parents are deceased, this is when living family members and

friends should come in to give support to the individual who has the diagnosis

of mental illness.   In closing, I would just like to say, "Treat your loved one

or friend like you would treat any other friend or relative who does not suffer

from a mental illness."  



                                                             by Corinne, February 2009

I had a conversation with the moonlight that maybe it should not

bother to come out until the sunshine world is nice enough to help

bring safety and commitment in direct sunlight and on cozy grey

days, and on the melting of our hearts and the goodness of our

minds.  The sunshine world has always known this, and the moonlit

night followed; and, if kept true to one another, always will.


                                    RAY OF HOPE

                                                                                 by Guy C., 2009

             Hope to me means that other individuals and I who suffer

from a mental illness can get control and maintain control over the

illness.  By following a relapse prevention pan and a recovery plan,

we can succeed in whatever path we choose to take. 

             Often our loved ones and family members have high expecta-

tions and hope that their relative will succeed in all their present

and future endeavors no matter what they choose in life.  The

individual with the illness needs his or her family members' support. 

So many times the family does not want anything to do with the

person who suffers from an illness.  When this happens, the success

rate of the family member who suffers from the illness is very low

because the person has little to no self-esteem.

            In conclusion, my hope is that the family member who suffers

from mental illness will find support and will succeed in the same way

his or her peers do who have the support of family members and friends.




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