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Leader's Message

NAMI Evansville is the local affiliate of NAMI Indiana and the national NAMI.  NAMI Evansville is a grass roots organization that exists to provide support for persons with a mental illness as well as to provide support for their families and caregivers.  In addition to support groups, we also offer education, opportunities to participate in advocacy and access to current research.

NAMI Evansville offers Family to Family classes since 1996.  We are hoping to add the Peer to Peer class for consumers in the near future.

NAMI Evansville is partnering with local community support groups and the law enforcement community to bring CIT, Crisis Intervention Team, to Evansville.  We have already had three training sessions.  Feedback has been positive.   

Support groups are not just for when you are in crisis.  We want to hear about your successes too.  For those who are in crisis, you may be the one who has the piece of the puzzle that has so far eluded them.  Our members are our best resource.  Shared experiences make us all stronger.  Please consider attending one of our support groups in the near future.

For more information, you may contact Larry Back, NAMI Evansville affiliate leader, at 812-897-1694 or  For information about joining NAMI Evansville or signing up for our Family to Family classes, contact Diane Arneson at 812-423-4333.  For information about NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group (for consumers), call Larry Back at 812-897-1694.

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