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The Benefits of Membership

When you join NAMI of Frederick County, you will belong to a network of local people like yourself, individuals and families who understand the daily challenges people with mental illness face, and who are working to meet those challenges. Your membership will ensure that life-changing information, support, and education programs are available for the people in our community who need NAMI.

Joining NAMI of Frederick County also gives you membership in the state and national organizations.

Why Should I Join and Maintain My Membership in NAMI?

  1. I will have membership in local, state, and national NAMI.
  2. I will receive newsletters – National Advocate, State Connections, and Local NAMI News, which will keep me up-to-date on recent information
    regarding programs, research, educational opportunities and advocacy issues.
  3. I will have support when I need it through support groups and people who understand what I am going through.
  4. I will be informed about the opportunity to hear highly qualified persons with recent knowledge about mental illness issues through our local Education Programs.
  5. I will be counted as one of the many members of NAMI in advocacy issues on the Local, State, and Federal level.  There is influence in numbers.
  6. I will have peace of mind in just knowing I am supporting NAMI and giving others the chance to benefit from the free help and programs NAMI is able to sponsor.

There are several ways you can join.


Name(s): _________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
City, State, ZIP: _________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________
How did you hear about NAMI? ______________________________________


__ Individual or Family $35.00

__ Limited Income $3.00

__ Institution or Business $35.00


Self-identified race/ethnicity: (Circle one)

Caucasian   African American   Hispanic/Latin

Asian/Pacific Islander   Bi-Racial


$500___  $100___  $50___  Other___

Please return this panel & checks to:

NAMI of Frederick County
4 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701

All dues and donations support NAMI activities and are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity!

To help us plan programs, please indicate your experience with mental illness:

__ as an individual

__ as a parent (age of child __)

__ as a family member

__ as a friend

__ as a mental health professional

For more information call:


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