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Becoming a Member of NAMI Tallahassee

Join us in
Support - Education - Advocacy
For people with mental illness, their family and friends

When you become a member of NAMI TALLAHASSEE, you become connected as you also become a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and NAMI-Florida.  As such, you will receive their respective publications, The Advocate, published quarterly and NAMI Florida's electronic communications.

The Advocate covers national issues as well as articles regarding research, education, advocacy and other important items. In addition to the national and state publications, you will receive notification of all our local meetings and programs, and a right to vote at our annual meeting.

If you cannot be active in NAMI TALLAHASSEE, your membership adds strength to our organization and helps us achieve mutual goals.  When we approach the Department of Mental Health, the Legislature, the local mental health centers, or grant funding resources; we need to say, "We represent legions of family members across Florida. There are hundreds of families who support our principles, activities and advocacy for change!"  We are asking you to count for us, to let us number you among our supporters.

There are two ways to pay membership fees -- online with a credit card or with a check/cash.

Credit card:  If you elect to join with a credit card online through the NAMI National Site linked here, please also send confirmation to our Treasurer at to notify us locally. 

Check:  Or you can pay by check/cash to NAMI TALLAHASEE by downloading, filling out, and mailing the attached form at the bottom of this page.  This option offers you the abililty to provide more information to us locally, including opportunities to volunteer or communicate with us directly.

Your dues entitle you to membership in NAMI-Tallahasssee, NAMI Florida and NAMI National. Annual membership in NAMI TALLAHASSEE is available at the following levels listed below:

Individual/Family - $35
Open Door (for individual with limited resources, not available online with a credit card) - $3

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Membership Application (PDF File)

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