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2012 marks the 10th year of NAMI Walks.  People supporting the Rome affiliate have participated each year since 2005. 
Saturday, October 13, 2012
ImageSign in at 1                                                                       0:00Image
Walk starts at 11:00
In 2012 Rome has been selected as one of the three sites held in Georgia sponsored by NAMI Georgia.  NAMI Rome is the lead affiliate in hosting the walk.  Georgia Highlands College graciously allowed us the use of the picnic area at Paris Lake, which is on the grounds of the college. 


The picnic area is shaded and there is a coverd pavillion with restrooms.  A paved 3 kilometer track circles the lake.  Oh, by no means do we expect each walker to speed walk--the winner gets no prize.  As a matter of fact, if walking that distance is not possible, don't walk at all--just wave, shout, and do whatever to encourage the rest of the walkers.  t

Walk Information Meeting, June 12, 2012, held at River City Bank.  Twenty people learned about the walk and reasons to support it.


Image     Image   Image 

Kick Off Luncheon, August 7, 2012, held at the Three Rivers Club at Rome's State Mutual Stadium.  Over 50 learned the ins and outs of being a team captain. 



The CITers set the pace


Rome's first walk

Click on image to watch video of walk.



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