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 Office work

  • Sometimes we need help with mass mailings so if you like stuffing envelopes and/or licking stamps, please give us a call.  Coffee provided!
  • We occasionally get behind on our data entry, so if you are proficient in Microsoft Access and can spare a couple of hours a month, give the office a call on 410 772-9300 or email
  • Restaurant Night Coordinator:

In this fundraising effort we are striving to build relationships with local restaurants and build awareness  of NAMI HC and what our programs offer for so many individuals and their families dealing with mental illness.   It is a great opportunity for these businesses to give back to the community, and NAMI HC has raised over $1,500 since restaurants nights began, so it is a win win situation for all.

There is currently a vacancy on the Fundraising Committee for a Restaurant Coordinator (volunteer position).  Below is the job description: 

1.            Contact restaurant managers throughout Howard County (works best in person) to schedule restaurant nights each month, at least 6-7 weeks prior to the proposed event.  NAMI HC has a letter that you can present to Restaurant Managers during that contact. 

2.            If the restaurant agrees to partner with us, then follow- up via e-mail as soon as possible with the agreed upon date and time along with the % of sales. 

3.            Coordinate with the NAMI HC office as to whether or not we need to develop the flyer, some restaurants will do it for us. 

4.            Send a follow- up e-mail to the restaurant one week prior to the event as a reminder for staffing purposes.   Advertising on our end is done at our NAMI HC office through e-mail at least 3 times prior to the event. 

Sunday Supper Coordinator

We are currently looking for a volunteer co-coordinator of the SUNDAY SUPPERS program.  Sunday Suppers is a social opportunity for adults living with mental illness.  The gathering begins at 4 p.m. on the third Sunday of each month at the Florence Bain Senior Center.  The role of the Sunday Suppers Coordinator is to ensure there is a host organization for the meal, facility for the meal, provide support and organization during the dinner, purchase all supplies provided by NAMI (paper products, drinks creamer, sugars, serving utensils, take home bags).  The coordinator is also the point person at the event who troubleshoots any issues that arise and responds accordingly. 

Sunday Supper Drivers

Drivers are needed to transport participants to and from the Sunday Supper on the third Sunday of each month.  Gas expenses will be reimbursed.


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