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Other Organizations

The Law Mobile

Description:  Diane D. Strader, J.D.  meets the needs of homebound clients as well as those clients in the busy no-time-for anything work world that require legal services by traveling to meet the client.

Contact:  Phone (505) 232-0511 or e-mail


Description:  Medicaid is changing. The state has hired three companies to coordinate health care for most people in the Medicaid program. As a member of Salud you will receive the same health care you did under the regular Medicaid program.

Contact:  Phone 1-888-99 SALUD (1-888-997-2583) or visit your local Income Support Division

The Sunbox Company

Description:  The Sunbox has available numerous light unit products to choose from, to meet you individual needs. Products include light units, dawn simulators, full spectrum bulbs, and light books

Contact:  Sharon J. Miles, LMSW New Mexico Authorized Dealer 505-836-5794

Social Security Disability Benefits

Description:  Social Security pays cash benefits to people who are unable to work for a year or more because of a disability. Benefits continue until a person is able to work again on a regular basis, and a number of work incentives are available to ease the transition back to work. (Refer to Social Security Administration SSA Publication No. 05-10029)

Contact: Phone: 1-800-772-1213; if you are deaf or hard of hearing please call our TTY number, 1-800-325-0778

Social Security Supplemental Security Income

Description:  SSI is short for Supplemental Security Income.  It pays monthly benefits to people who are age 65 or older, or blind, or have a disability and who don't own much or have a lot of income. SSI is not just for adults. Monthly benefits can go to disabled and blind children too. People who get SSI usually get food stamps and Medicaid too. (Refer to Social Security Administration SSA Publication No. 05-11000)

Contact:  Phone: 1-800-772-1213; If you are deaf or hard of hearing please call our TTY number, 1-800-325-0778

St. Martin's Hospitality Center

Description:  St. Martin's began as a day shelter in 1985 to offer the most basic human services to Albuquerque's homeless and near-homeless people. Since its inception, the Center has grown to include several programs. The Day Shelter is the foundation of all the Center's programs including food, clothing, hygiene, communication services, and storage.

Contact: St. Martin's Hospitality Center P.O. Box 27258 Albuquerque, NM 87125. Phone 505-766-6876

People Care, inc.

Description:  People Care began with a mission to serve young adults in Chaves County with mental illnesses who needed supervised housing and care. Three homes in Roswell, New Mexico were purchased in 1990 by families of the mentally ill, renovated and made homelike with a HUD Home Program Grant, and opened in 1991. All three homes are now State licensed and occupied by eleven young adults who receive help with medication, daily living skills, recreation, and transportation. Cost of housing and care is $400 per month for each resident.

Contact:  800 N. Richardson Ave. Roswell, New Mexico 88201. Phone 505-623-6085

Goodwill Industries of New Mexico

Description:  Goodwill's mission is to develop the productive capabilities in every person, and to help people surmount barriers to employment and become full participants in the life of the community. To achieve this goal, Goodwill Industries of New Mexico provides vocational evaluation, training, counseling, and job placement services.

Contact:  5000 San Mateo NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109. Phone 505-881-6401

HIBAC Health Insurance and Benefits Assistance Corps

Description:  HIBAC is a network of trained volunteer counselors who can help determine whether you are receiving all the benefits that you have earned. HIBAC also provides older New Mexicans, people with disabilities and their families with accurate, unbiased information about health care coverage options.

Contacts: To speak to a counselor, contact the New Mexico State Agency on Aging at 800-432-2080.

Rehabilitation Services & Veterans Programs

Description:  A community based non-profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of those who have served and their families. Services provided include transportation assistance, food basket assistance, clothing/furniture assistance, assistance in obtaining DD214, referrals to obtain military benefits, employment referrals, housing referrals, legal assistance referral, application for Social Security Benefits, and Representative Payee.

Contact: 406 San Mateo NE Suite #122 Albuquerque, NM 87108. Fax 505-260-0611.

Career Services For Persons With Disabilities

Description:  Career Services for Persons with Disabilities is a non-profit agency committed to the provision of comprehensive consumer driven employment services to individuals with disabilities who are ready and willing to enter into a partnership with our staff, other community service agencies, and employers. This partnership is designed to create meaningful employment opportunities that achieve individual career goals.

Contact:  4401-A Lomas NE Albuquerque, NM 87110. Voice or TTY Phone: 505-265-7936; FAX: 505-265-9685.

New Mexico's Long-Term Care Connection-LTC Link

Description:  The goal of LTCLINK is to provide consumers with a single point of entry into the Long-Term Care System. It will eliminate the need to call several numbers to find answers regarding Long-Term Care.

Contact: Phone Toll Free: 1-866-YOUR LTC; 1-866-968-7582; In Albuquerque call 505-232-9044; For TDD/TTY Users: 1-800-659-8331.

Transitional Living Services

Description:  Transitional Living Services, Inc. is a non-profit, community-based, United Way agency that provides assistance to adults with long-term mental illnesses who have demonstrated the potential and motivation to live a productive life in the community.

Contact: 4020 Central SE Albuquerque, NM 87108. Phone:  505-268-5295

Contact: P.O. Box 27619 Albuquerque, NM 87125-7619. Phone: 505-857-3778.

Parents Reaching Out to the Families of New Mexico

Description:  A statewide network of peer support and information for parents who have a child with disabilities and special health care needs

Contact: 1000 A Main Street Los Lunas, NM 87031. Phone: 505-865-3700; FAX: 505-865-3737; 1-800-524-5176.

Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB)

Description:  QMB effective January 1, 1989, provides benefits to eligible individuals including payments of the Medicare premiums, and the coinsurance and deductibles on Medicare-covered services.

Contact:  2300 Menaul, NW PO Box 25287 Albuquerque, NM  87125. Phone: 505-841-6209.

Growing Old with Health and Wisdom

Description:  The purpose of "Growing Old with Health and Wisdom" is: (1) Enable older adults to be responsible for their own health; (2) Enable these older adults to remain comfortably in their own homes longer; (3) Encourage this population to enjoy life through a healthy lifestyle.

Contact:  Phone: 1-800-432-2080; 505-827-7664.


The Family Center for Counseling and Education

Description:  The Family Center was developed to offer a variety of services to help strengthen families and assist them through difficult times and normal stresses.

Contact:  Phone: 505-884-9513


Barrett Foundation

Description:  The Barrett Foundation, Inc. helps homeless women and children build quality lives through three programs:  Barrett House, an emergency shelter for homeless women and children; Bridges, a supportive housing program; and Casa Milagro, a home for women with chronic mental illness. In addition to providing food and shelter, Barrett Foundation also offers the critical skills, training, structure and support homeless women need to plan and establish their own future- and the futures of their children.

Contact:  Phone:  505-246-9244.


Rio Rancho Family Health Center

Description: The Rio Rancho Family Health Center offers mental health services to those who suffer from emotional problems as well as sever disabling mental illness.

Contact1424 Deborah Road, S.E. Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Phone: 505-896-0929.


Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Description: The purpose of the New Mexico DVR is to help people with disabilities to achieve a suitable employment outcome.

Contact:  Phone: 505-841-4560.

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