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Others Links and Organizations

Here are some links and information for other organizations.  These links take you away from NAMI to the respective site.

bp Magazine Logo bp Magazine Hope And Harmony For People With Bipolar

Mental Illness Resources

  1. When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness by Rebecca Woolis  (Book - On

  2. Crazy:  A Father's Search Through Americas Mental Health Madness by Pete Early (Book by a Former Washington Post reporter who lives in Fairfax, VA. Also on

  3. Crazy:  A Father's Story by Pete Early:

  4. Fred Friendly Seminar - Minds On The Edge:

  5. Maryland Government Programs:

  6. Low Income Health & Prescription Insurance in Maryland:

  7. Maryland Advance Directive:

  8. Maryland Advance Directive for Mental Health Treatment:

  9. Psychiatric Advance Directives: An Overview
            Basic facts about psychiatric advance directives.

 10. Beyond Punishment: Helping Individuals with Mental Illness in Maryland's Criminal Justice System by Kate Farinholt (Book - NAMI MD Executive Director and a friend of Remo.  On

 11.  (NAMI Frederick website and calender of events)

 12. Anosognosia Info: (When they don't know they are ill.)

 13. Dr. Xavior Amador Video/Book *I'm Not Sick, I Don't Need Help*:

 14. Bipolar Info:

 15. Bipolar Info:

 16. Bipolar Info:

 17. Mental Illnesses Listing and Info:

 18. NPR Belvue Hospital Interview:

 19. NPR Belvue Hospital Interview Part 2:

 20. National Institute of Mental Health:

 21. NIH Webinar on Schizophrenia:

 22. NIMH Child and Adolescent:

 23. NIH Eating Disorder Information:

 24. NIMH Eating Disorder Videos:

 25. Kartini Eating Disorder Clinic Videos:

 26. Psychiatrist Pharmaceutical Company Story:

 27. Eating Disorders and Heredity:


 29. NIH and NIMH Clinical Trials: 




 30. Hopkins Clinical Trials:

 31. Living with Schizophrenia 25 Minute Video:

 32. Mental Illness Defined by Tom Insel Director of NIMH:

 33. Bipolar Magazine:

 34. Dr.Thomas Insel, Director of NIMH on Mental Illness:

 35. Al-Anon Meetings:

 36. 12-Step Program:

 37. Neuro Scientist Jill Bolte Taylor:

 38. Charlie Rose - Brain Series2, Episode 1 : 

Neurological, Psychiatric and Addictive disorders with Eric Kandel of Columbia University, Gerald Fischbach of the Simons Foundation, Cornelia Bargmann of Rockefeller University, Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Thomas Insel of the National Institute of Mental Health  

 39. Frederick County Mental Health Management Agency:

 40. Maryland Dept. of Mental Health and Hygiene:

 41. Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP): Frederick County Dept. of Social Services 100 East All Saints Street, Frederick, MD 21701  301.600.2600

 42. The Suicidal Brain by Jimmy Powell:

 43. Netflix Documentaries:  *Generation Rx, *Frontline: The Medicated Child, *Generation Rx:  Reading, Writing & Ritalin, *Stress: Portrait of a Killer and *Alzheimer's Disease:  Facing the Facts

 44. The Latest in Schizophrenia Research NIMH Director Dr. Thomas Insel Gives Overview at 2011 NAMI Convention

 45. GAO Report: Foster Children - HHS Guidance Could Help States Improve Oversight of Psychotropic Prescriptions

 46. - Sharing the Hope, Sharing the Healing

 47. Pharmacy assistance programs in Frederick area

 48. Pathways to Housing - HOUSING FIRST:

 49. Maryland's 1-800 QUIT NOW

 50. Spirit Stars - Where children with special needs soar  (Introduction) (Announcement) 

 51. GAO 2011 Report on Foster Children and Psychotropic Prescriptions:

 52. Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds: d.html

 53. Reliable Information on Medications:, and

 54. James Madison Student Video on Stigma:

 55. Stress Relief - Reconnecting with Self

 56. DSM-V:

 57. Maryland Community Services Locator:

 58.  NPR New Depression Drugs: 

 59. Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker:

 60. Schizoaffective Disorder Book "Balancing The Beast" and Blog by Helena Smole

 61.  The Released - Mentally Ill Inmates in the Prison System:

 62.  How psychiatric drugs made America mad:

 63. Way Station Free Family Support Services Program:

 64. Search for doctors that accept Medicare:

 65.  Find a public health clinic:

 66.  Find and compare health care facilities near you:

 67.  Help for difficult financial times for your family:

 68.  Mental Health Services Locator:

 69.  Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator:

 70.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: or dial 1-800-273-TALK

 71.  Veterans Crisis Line: or dial 1-800-273-8255 then Press 1

 72.  Veterans Resource Locator:

 73.   United States Department of Veterans Affairs:

 74.  On Our Own of Maryland:

 75.  Frederick County Health Department Mental Health Services:

 76. Maryland Children's Health Insurance Program (under 19 years old):

 77. MedSource Community Services, Inc. 

Services Offered:   Respite Care, Residential, Respite Care, Family Support Services, Individual Support Services, Community Support Living Arrangements, Fiscal Intermediary Services.

Individuals Have the Following Types of Disabilities: 
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual disability, Behavioral Problems, Blindness/Severe Visual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness/Severe Hearing Impairment,Spina Bifida, Orthopedic Impairment, Mental Disorder, Speech/Language Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, other Neurological Impairment and other Undetermined Disabilities.

Ages Served: 21 and Over

 78. Dr. Andrew Weil Spontaneous Happiness Program and book launching 2012:

 79. Dr. Andrew Weil on Fighting Fatigue Part 1:

 80. Dr. Andrew Weil on Fighting Fatigue Part 2:

 81. Dr. Andrew Weil Five Steps to Stress Relief:  1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

 82. National Foundation for Credit Counseling: 

 83.  Filing for Bankruptcy Government Video Series: and

 84.  Credit Counseling Resources:

 85.  Medicines for Treating Mental Health Conditions:  Review of the Research for Adults and Caregivers:

 86. You Need Help: A Step By Step Plan To Convince A Loved One to Get Counseling by Mark S. Komrad, M.D.:

 87.  Social Security SSI PASS Program .  A program to help you get educated, job trained and work while receiving SSI:

 88.  Legal Help for Low Income Individuals and Families:

 89.  The Citizens Guide to Surviving Police Encounters:

 90.  Bipolar Disorder Myths and Truths:

 91.  Antipsychotic Medicines for Children and Teens: A Review of the Antipsychotic Medicines for Children and Teens: A Review of the Research for Parents and Caregivers
 92.  Way Station Support Group Facilitated by Stacy Brown Day Program Facilitator:  301-662-0099 ext. 1293

 93.  Way Station Family Preservation Program Director Jenifer Winkler:  301-662-0099 ext. 2501

 94.  Way Station Mobile Crisis Program Information: or dial 211

 95.  Way Station Programs For Those with Mental Illness:

 96.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

 97.  Benefits.Gov YouTube Benefit Finder Tutorial:

 98. Bring Change 2 Mind is a not-for-profit organization created by Glenn Close, the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF), Fountain House, and Garen and Shari Staglin of IMHRO (International Mental Health Research Organization).  

The idea of a national anti-stigma campaign was born of a partnership between Glenn Close and Fountain House, where Glenn volunteered in order to learn about mental illness, which both her sister and nephew suffer from.


  1. Provide people with misconceptions about mental illness quick and easy access to information that combats stigma.

  2. Provide people with mental illness, and those who know them, quick and easy access to information and support. 

 99. Family Preservation Program (Way Station, Inc., Frederick, MD): Keeping families intact by providing short-term, intensive, in-home services.

 100.  HELP for Difficult Financial Times:

        A.  Finding health care providers doesn't have to be a headache. You can use directories to search for doctors that accept Medicare or search by speciality, name or location.

        B. The government also collects data on healthcare facilities around the country. You can use this information to learn about and compare the quality of care in the facilities near you. You'll find information  

            about emergency department wait times, surgical outcomes, patient safety measures, health inspections, and staffing at your local facilities.

        C. If you don't have health insurance, you can find a public health clinic and pay what you can afford, based on your income. If you have a smart phone, you can use the Find A Health Center app to

            find a clinic near you. You can also explore insurance options available to you.

        D.  Find and compare health care facilities near you.

For more resources on helping your family cope with financial challenges, check out Help for Difficult Financial Times.

 101. NAMI Maryland 2012 Annual Education Conference

Because of the great line-up of workshops and plenary presentations, we have gathered from our speakers their PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs, and other materials for you to download.

Please click here for the materials.

Subjects include:

·        DSM-5 Changes and Controversies

·        Peer Connection: A Unique and Uniquely Successful Program for Persons Recovering from Substance Abuse and Severe Mental Illness

·        Smoking in Persons with Mental Illness: What We Know and What We Can Do

·        Expediting SSI/SSDI claims through the Maryland SOARsystem

·        Integrated Behavioral Health

·        Supporting Individuals and Families through a System of Care Approach to Case Management

·        Physical Health in Schizophrenia

·        Just Language - More than Politically Correct

·        Families in Crisis: Empowering Parents with Strategies To Help the High Risk Adolescent

·        Traumatic Brain Injury: An Overview of an Often Hidden Co-Occurring Behavioral Health Issue

·        Working for Recovery

·        Love, Loss, and Schizophrenia: Pieces of Recovery

·        When Your Loved One has an Eating Disorder: Helping them Heal on the Road to Recovery

·        Health Care Reform: Get Informed & Get Engaged

·        First Episode Psychosis: An Update on Research Progress and Treatment Options

·        Insurance Coverage of Mental Health Treatment: Your Rights and Resources

·        10 Keys to Healthy Living

·        Write Your Memoir: A Way to Heal and Advocate

102.  Sensible Use of Psychiatric Medications by Ken Duckworth, M.D.:

103.  New Drug for Major Depressive Disorder:

104.  MedPsych Health Services: 

106.  Legal Rights Dealing with Police:  Video: Website:
107.  American Addiction Centers (Specializes in Dual Diagnosis):

111.  Why Are There So Many Mass Shootings:


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