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Suicide Prevention: Can We Talk? Suicide is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. But a new study shows that educating the group at risk can produce significant results.
OK2Talk: You Really Can Get Through It
Book Review: A Mothers Climb Out of Darkness
YANA: Keep Fighting
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**To visit any of the following resources, simply click on the logo or the link provided and you will be directed to the resources website.**

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  • IMPACT 2-1-1 is a free, confidential 24-hour hotline which offers information about area resources that can help resolve a variety of basic life needs and personal issues such as food, shelter, child and elder care, health care, crisis intervention, alcohol/other drug abuse, mental health, financial and legal information, and much more. Search the online directory at ( by dialing 1-866-211-3380
  • Addiction Resource Council
  • The Addiction Resource Council provides information to individuals and families dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Alanon meeting locations throughout the county.

Disability Rights WI

  • Disability Rights Wisconsin offers assistance with housing, employment and transportation discrimination issues for persons with disabilities.  Services specific to individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness (who are currently or have been a resident of a care/treatment facility within the past 90 days) include legal services and advocacy, investigation of claims regarding physical and sexual abuse, excessive seclusion excessive restraint, over medicating, inappropriate placement or other denied rights.


^^Friendships Unlimited and Spring City Corner Clubhouse

  • Friendships Unlimited: Friendships is a social-recreational center for those with mental illness.  Individuals eligible to participate must have a diagnosed mental illness and be receiving mental health services through Waukesha County.  Friendships provides a warm, caring and comfortable place for friends to meet and socialize.
  • Spring City Corner Clubhouse: Offers opportunities for members to contribute their time and skills in a business-like setting.  Transitional employment placements are available providing members with the experience of working in regular jobs, ex. reception, clerical, facility maintenance newsletter, gardening and the low-cost lunch program.  Clubhouse also offers guidance in setting career goals and support and assistance in locating and maintaining permanent employment.  Diagnosis of mental illness is required.

Hebron House of Hospitality

  • Hebron House of Hospitalities programs include helping shelter low-income individuals and families with housing and a revolving loan program for those who may be going through a financial crisis or who need assistance paying security deposits.  Hebron House also has a program assisting people with disabilities who are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless, gain access to the Social Security Administration benefits for persons with physical and/or mental disabilities that prevent them from gainful employment.

Hope Center

  • Hope Center provides assistance in the areas of housing, consumer unemployment compensation and other benefits (do not deal with family law issues, divorce, custody, etc.).  Volunteer attorneys available one day a week by appointment.  Legal Action of Wisconsin has office hours at Hope Center by appointment. 

Independence First

  • Independence First offers services and skills training, advocacy, counseling, peer monitoring and information referral services to persons with disabilities in Ozaukee, Washington, Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.


  • Interfaith assists older and/or disabled adults to remain in their homes by organizing volunteers to provide supportive services including transportation (for ambulatory individuals to/from medical clinics, errands, etc.), telephone reassurance, grocery shopping, seasonal chore services (raking leaves, snow removal, lawn care), help with completing forms (e.g. insurance, governmental, etc.) and friendly visiting.


  • LSS services include: adoption and foster care; birth parent services; youth and family services; correctional services; counseling  to families and individuals; disaster response services; educational programs; family preservation services; home healthcare and special therapies; older adult services; refugee resettlement services; residential care; services for persons with disabilities; support groups; and treatment for drug, alcohol and gambling addictions. 

Prevention and Protection of Abused Children


Waukesha Housing Authority

^^Waukesha Housing Authority

  • Waukesha Housing Authority provides low-income housing and Section 8 rental assistance for low-income and disabled individuals.

WI Family Ties

  • WI Family Ties offers advocacy and support services for parents/families of children and adolescents with emotional or behavioral disorders.  Family Ties helps parents to clarify their options and understand their rights with regard to securing appropriate services for their children in the areas of education, mental health treatment, special services and juvenile justice.

Wisconsin Association of Peer Specialists

^^Wisconsin Association of Peer Specialists, Inc.


The Women's Center

^^The Women's Center

  • The Women's Center provides shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children and a transitional living program for women who have experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives.  They also offer a number of various support groups for women dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and other women's issues.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC):

  • The ADRC offers individuals information and assistance on issues affecting older people, persons with disabilities and their families.

The Caregiver Connection:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR):

  • DVR is a state agency that provides job training and placement services for people who have difficulty in attaining employment due to physical or mental disabilities.

Waukesha County Mental Health Services: 

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