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Mikey Coffman wins NAMI Augusta Scholarship

to attend Certified Peer Specialist Training

with Support of Long's Drugs

Some of you have met Ms. Mikey Coffman working as a VISTA volunteer at the Friendship Community Center in Augusta, Georgia. Mikey decided she wanted to take things to the next level and she applied for the Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Training Program. In a highly competitive admissions process, she was accepted for training! The NAMI Augusta Board of Directors voted unanimously to grant Mikey a full scholarship, making it possible for her to attend. Mikey writes:

I am so excited about being selected to go to Peer Training. As an advocate for mental health recovery, I would use every forum to educate consumers, and the community that mental illness is not the end of the road. We can rebuild, reframe and learn new coping skills. We can and do use ourselves as witnesses that recovery works. Research for new drugs with less side effects and other therapies need to be developed. I believe that this would help individuals with mental illness stay more medically compliant.
Life with mental illness is just that, life with mental illness. We will struggle but it does NOT define who we are. That will be my platform. The fact I have a mental illness today and in the past does not determine my future.
Mikey's scholarship is being partially funded by a generous contribution from Long's Drugs, a family-owned local pharmacy chain that employs over 300 people in the Georgia and South Carolina areas. Founded over 50 years ago with a sense of commitment to support the local community, Long's has been a supporter of NAMI in the greater Columbia, SC area for several years. The CSRA store, located in Thomson, Georgia, provides services for citizens all over the greater Augusta areas. Those services include free home delivery, packaging medicines for personal care homes, customizing medicines through compounding, and fast, friendly service. Long's thanks NAMI for this opportunity to partner and support our local CSRA citizens.

For more information, please visit or call toll free, 888-882-3691.

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