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Speaker's Bureau   

Because we believe that no stigma is more prevalent or more damaging than that experienced by those suffering from a mental illness, we have developed a STIGMA BUSTERS PROGRAM AND A SPEAKERS BUREAU. The speakers are experienced family members who are trained to speak at professional meetings, workshops, social clubs or wherever there is a group of people who want to know current facts about mental illness, how it stigmatizes both the ill person and their family, and about the success of current treatment programs.

These presentations can be made individually, in pairs, or as a panel of three representatives. They can be tailored to your time constraints and specific interests. Because we are committed to sharing this information, there is no charge.

To discuss a potential speaking engagement, contact the SPEAKERS BUREAU FACILITATOR:
Phone: (626) 577-6697  NAMI-San Gabriel Valley Office

Dennis Thompson <>

Allow a minimum of four weeks for scheduling. Include your name, title and email address. Also include the following with your request: the name of the organization you represent; the day, date and time for the presentation; the location of the speaking site and time allotted for the presentation, including Q & A .  

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