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Discussed August 4, 2013 DRAFT 1


GOAL 1: NAMI Far Norths sustainability and growth is assured.

Key Results:

1. NAMI National Charter is applied for. (2015)

2. Current leadership receives sufficient resources to move organization forward.

Identify necessary committees, develop broader member participation, appoint volunteer Chairs, ensure adequate volunteer workforce for the responsibilities assumed by the organization.

Recruit and prepare new Directors

Seek Board Development/Motivation/Inspiration opportunities

Provide Officer Skill-building Training

Provide Travel/Training Reimbursement

3. Members appreciate and receive value from joining and annual renewal

Arrange timely and relevant guest speakers

Sustain membership growth of 5% annually

Secure adequate meeting space for general meeting and groups

Goal 2:  NAMI Far North obtains and manages adequate resources to achieve its goals.

Key Results:

1.  Diversified funding sources support the strategic plan and organizational goals. (2014-2015-2016)

-Conduct fund raising events

-Collect membership dues

-Seek contributions from individual Donors, including Board Members

2. Specific projects and organizational capacity are funded by grant awards.

-Apply for appropriate Grants

NOTE: Organizational Capacity is defined as: Ability of an organization expressed in terms of its (1) Human resources: their number, quality, skills, and experience, (2) Physical and material resources: machines, land, buildings, (3) Financial resources: money and credit, (4) Information resources: pool of knowledge, databases, and (5) Intellectual resources: copyrights, designs, patents, etc.

Goal 3:  NAMI Far North works to improve the lives of Consumers and their Families.

Key Results:

1. NAMI Signature Programs are in place.

-Offer Family to Family once each year in Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint (2014-2015-2016)

-Support consumer presentations such as In Our Own Voice by paying Presenters stipend and mileage allowance (2014-2015-2016)

-Support NAMI Connection (2014-2015-2016)

2. Other NAMI Signature Programs such as P2P, PTAA, Providers, e.g. are introduced and supported as requested and sustained by membership (2014-2015-2016)

2.  NAMI Far North responds effectively to requests and the needs of constituency by:

-Maintaining Helpline answered by knowledgeable volunteers (2014-2015-2016)

-Maintain and increase support groups when initiated by, facilitated and supported by constituency. (2014-2015-2016)

3. NAMI Far North collaborates with other agencies/organizations to:

-Explore and identify internship/ volunteer opportunities in the community for NAMI members. (2014-2015-2016)

-Create and maintain up-to-date and accurate directory of mental health service providers and community-based services. (2014-2015-2016)

Goal 4:  NAMI Far North is an effective advocate on behalf of Consumers and their Families.

Key Results:          

1. NAMI Far North supports NAMI and NAMI Idaho advocacy efforts. (2014-2015-2016)

2. NAMI Far North works with the public, the legislature, mental health care providers and other agencies in pursuit of common goals in such areas as:

Crisis Intervention Teams (2014-2015-2016)

Provision of and Access to Community-based services (2014-2015-2016)

Decriminalization of mental illness (2014-2015-2016)


Goal 5: NAMI Far North provides education to the public to increase understanding of mental illness and decrease stigma.

Key Results:          

1. NAMI Far North utilizes the following methods, opportunities and forums to communicate, provide education, and disseminate information:

Mental Illness Awareness Week (2014-2015-2016)

Mental Health Month (2014-2015-2016)

Presentations to community, service and faith-based groups, schools and individuals (2014-2015- 2016)

NAMI Signature Education Programs (F2F, IOOV, Basics, Connection, Ending the Silence, etc., and others)

Health fairs (2014-2015-2016)

QPR (2014-2015-2016)

CIT Team Training and Deployment (2014-2015-2016)

Monthly (except December) Newsletter website


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