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Support groups are all about sharing. Having mental illness in the family can be very stressful and sometimes it is helpful to feel supported by other people who have walked down a similar road. Different people participate in support groups for various reasons: some need to mourn the loss of their loved one to a mental illness, while others seek answers for how to cope. Some of us need support in our efforts to release and let go, or simply share our experiences. Support groups often help us regain our perception that life goes on and we learn strategies about how to help ourselves and help our loved ones. Inspiring stories are shared and sage advice is offered. By putting hands and heads together in the mutual camaraderie of healing, a support group lends a positive note to what can be an otherwise overwhelmingly anguishing task: that of caring for and improving the lives of the mentally ill.


Support helps us face challenges that otherwise may seem insurmountable. NAMI-GBA is here in those times of crisis when help seems a far-off thing. Listening in a supportive way is why a support group exists. Because mental illness strikes persons of all walks of life, NAMI-GBA provides a support group that can offer a comprehensive view on the many facets of living with a mental illness.


NAMI-GBA has a support group meeting every 3rd Monday at 7PM in the United Methodist Church, room 302, on Fourth Street across from the Post Office. NAMI-GBA also meets jointly with the TLC Group for support on the first Monday of the month. This group is facilitated by the Mental Health Alliance, a United Way Agency. Everyone in search of support is welcome. To learn more, please call 812-339-5440.

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