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What the Faithful Can Do - Section 3

Care Packages:  Small Supplies; Big Help

(None of these items are available through Link or Public Aid (medical  insurance). They must be purchased with cash. Providing any  one of them is a tremendous help.

  • Toilet paper--#1 request; tissues, paper towels, cotton swabs
  • Bathing supplies:  face soap, bubble bath, nail brush, scrubbies, nail clippers,  
  • razors and shave cream
  • Feminine and incontinence products
  • Deodorant or antiperspirant, dusting powder
  • Mild shampoo, conditioner, holding spray or foam
  • Eyeglass repair kit, contact lens solutions
  • Toothpaste, tooth brushes, mouth wash
  • First Aid : bandaids, Neosporine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol
  • Foot aids:  sole inserts, heel cushions, bunion pads
  • Cough drops, sugarless gum or mints
  • Cleaning supplies: sponges, antibacterial spray, floor wash, scrubbing pads-plastic and steel wool
  • Laundry:  detergent, bleach, fabric softener sheets
  • Light bulbs, batteries (particularly AA and AAA), safety pins, needles and thread
  • Rock salt for winter sidewalks
  • A roll of quarters for bus fare, laundry, pay telephones, parking meters
  • Save your old magazines such as National Geographic or Smithsonian, sports or car magazines - even people who can’t handle the text love photos.
  • Stamps, writing supplies, greeting cards, ball point pens.

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