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Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ImageNAMI NORTH CENTRAL MASS, Inc.

National Alliance on Mental Illness of North Central Massachusetts, Inc. is a non-profit grass roots organization working on behalf of the mentally ill and their families.

We offer free classes for family members covering topics such as managing crises, communicating effectively, reviewing common medications and understanding the biology of mental illness, to name a few.

We offer free support groups - two for family members of individuals affected by mental illness and a "consumer" group for individuals with a metal illness. These confidential support groups are facilitated by NAMI-trained peer volunteers.

Mental Illness takes many forms: depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders – just to name a few.

Mental illnesses are treatable and many consumers are active and productive members or our communities. There is help available. Join with us to get the word out, help stamp out stigma, educate the public and advocate for those living with a mental illness and their families.

In addition to its family and consumer support groups, NAMI NCM regularly participates in health fairs, organizes teams for the annual Walk for the Mind of America, offers educational programs such as Family-to-Family and sponsors talks (most recently one on special needs trust and another by Bob Larsted, author of Witness to the Dark: My Daughter's Troubled Times, A Comedy of Emotions).

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