National Alliance on Mental Illness
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NAMI OF MANCHESTER is dedicated to the eradication of mental illness and to the improvement of the quality of life for those whose lives are affected by these diseases; and NAMI of Manchester shall serve as an alliance of individuals, families and friends of those with mental illness, of persons who have experienced mental illness, past or present, in association with its members and associates.

NAMI of Manchester will accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging and assisting in the development and establishment of NAMI affiliates and/or support groups for families and consumers throughout the state of Connecticut.
  • Advocating for quality services, treatment and protection of the rights of persons with mental illness through legislation and other appropriate means.
  • Informing families of services, agencies and facilities available to them.
  • Advocating for research to foster prevention, improved treatments, rehabilitation, recovery and cures for mental illness.
  • Fostering public awareness and education for enlightenment and understanding of mental illness and the elimination of stigma and discrimination toward people with mental illness.
  • Monitoring mental health care facilities, staff and programming for adequacy and accountability.
  • Advocating for quality community and institutional care and for individualized treatment for each person with mental illness.
  • Promoting community support programs and initiatives which encourage empowerment and recovery and which include appropriate living arrangements linked with social, vocational rehabilitation, education, and employment plans.
  • Establishing and maintaining liaisons with other national, state, and local mental health organizations and allied agencies and cooperating with others with similar objectives.
  • Delineating, making known and encouraging enforcement of patient rights and family rights.
  • Soliciting, receiving and appropriating funding, both real and in-kind, in support of the mission of the organization.