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NAMI Presses CMS to Ensure that Atypical Antipsychotics are Included in the Upcoming Medicare Part B Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP)
Earlier this year, NAMI pushed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to include atypical antipsychotic medications in the Part B CAP program covering non-self-injectible medications administered in physician offices and clinics.

The New Medicare Drug Plan and Beneficiaries with Mental Illnesses
The new Medicare drug benefit will help seniors and people with disabilities who receive Medicare benefits by providing coverage for prescription drugs. Frequently asked questions regarding the benefit, which may be of particular interest to beneficiaries with mental illnesses, are answered in this document.

Bob Dole on the New Medicare Drug Benefit
Bob Dole supports the new Medicare drug benefit for seniors and people living with disabilities.

Government Site Explains New Medicare Drug Benefit
Under the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, seniors and people with disabilities who receive Medicare benefits will also be eligible for prescription drug coverage. This web site provides useful information regarding the new Medicare prescription drug benefit.

NAMI Position on Medicare Conference Report
The new benefits for prescription drug coverage and protections for vulnerable, low-income beneficiaries (including those dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid) appear to be a major improvement over the status quo and previous congressional proposals. As a result, NAMI has sent a letter to House and Senate leaders urging members to vote in favor of passage later this week.

Coalition Letter Regarding Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
NAMI has joined a coalition of consumer and patient groups to send a letter to members of the House-Senate Conference Committee on proposed Medicare reform.

NAMI Supports Governors' Recommendation on Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
NAMI believes a Medicare drug benefit that requires the federal government to cover the costs for lower-income individuals who are fully enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid would provide substantial relief for state Medicaid expenditures.

Medicare Coverage of Mental Illness Treatment -WHERE WE STAND
NAMI strongly supports congressional efforts to modernize coverage of mental illness treatment under the Medicare program - specifically to address the discriminatory aspects of programs such as the 50 percent co-payment requirement for outpatient mental illness treatment and a 190 day lifetime limit on inpatient hospitalization. NAMI supports the following bills in Congress to address these other inequities in Medicare: HR 599, S 841, S 690 and HR 1522.

The Medicare Partial Hospitalization Benefit - WHERE WE STAND

Prescription Drug Coverage In Medicare - WHERE WE STAND
NAMI Goals and Advocacy Strategies Prescription-drug benefits must be enacted within the context of parity for mental illness treatment in the Medicare program. Currently, the Medicare copayment for Part B outpatient services is 20 percent. This copayment does not apply to mental illness treatment, however, which is covered at a rate of only 50 percent