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2004 Election

Few elections in the past have been as important as the contests facing our nation in November.  For NAMI, the same sense of priority and urgency is true.  Across the nation, people living with a mental illness are at risk due to significant budget cuts in state government, general gridlock and partisanship in Washington, D.C., and prevailing indifference from society about the challenges facing our constituents.

NAMI is non-partisan. We do not endorse candidates. Mental illnesses also are not partisan issues. They affect the families of Republicans and Democrats alike. No one is immune.

NAMI is pleased to provide the following resources to help NAMI leaders make an impact in this critical election cycle.  Electronic email updates on elections and politics is available by subscribing to the feature in the subscription management section of the NAMI website.

Historically, mental health policy is not a top tier focus for candidates.  With planning and creativity, NAMI leaders can reverse this trend.

Tips & Pointers:

The election season brings candidates and prospective voters together in unique settings.  Opportunities for discussion include candidate forums, campaign rallies, debates, and campaign stops.  NAMI provides the following questions as suggestions for engaging prospective office holders in discussions that reveal a candidates interest in issues that affect our constituents.

NAMI Minnesota has shared these Do's and Dont's for Nonprofits that were created by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

NAMI In Action:

NAMI Kansas created these I Vote, I Count Logo's with NAMI's signature colors.

Election News:

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Race to the White House:


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