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Saturday, June 18

Attendees register for 2005 ConventionOpening Day

The 2005 NAMI National Convention began today in Austin, Texas. NAMI leaders, members and others whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness arrived from across the country and around the world for four days of information, inspiration and camaraderie.

The focus of the day's activities was networking and training for NAMI's grassroots leaders and advocates. Many attendees took part in one of the 17 sessions of the NAMI Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is a semiannual event that focuses on enhancing the ability of NAMI leaders to manage, govern, teach, and advocate.

Other highlights included meetings of NAMI state and affiliate leaders and the Family-to-Family Institute, a open mic with the board of directors and special presentations on estate planning. The day was capped off by an awards ceremony to recognize accomplishments within the NAMIWALKS program, and a movie double feature of Unbreakable Minds and A Beautiful Mind.

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