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Further Reading

The Real Great Depression

The economic downturn is related to an upswing in the number of cases of depression. - CNBC

In the Army, a Little Mental Health Screening Goes a Long Way

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry indicates that what appears to be a simple step—implementing screening processes—is resulting in improvements in the field. - Los Angeles Times

Too Young to be on Anti-psychotics?

Some parents have to make hard choices about treating young children living with a variety of diagnoses. - ABC News

Study Linking Childhood Vaccine to Autism was Fraudulent

The original paper about the purported link between vaccines and autism had serious methodological flaws.. - NPR

Rhode Island Treatment Program Gives Veterans Alternative to Prison

The goal of this jail diversion program is to get people living with PTSD the mental health care they need to achieve recovery. - The Providence Journal

California Veto May Jeopardize Mental Health Services for 20,000 Students

A casualty of California's budget cuts is a program that requires state and local education and mental health agencies to jointly provide education-related mental health services. - Los Angeles Times