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What Is a Stakeholder Advisory Group?

A stakeholder advisory group, or oversight committee, is a group of individuals from the community who have come together with a vested interest in the success of their local ACT team. 

The NAMI Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Technical Assistance (TA) Center recommends that each team have a stakeholder advisory group, which is actively involved in the implementation and ongoing program review of the ACT team.  The group is also charged with offering support, guidance, assistance, and advice to the ACT team, to help ensure fidelity to the ACT model.  The group advises and monitors on issues of client complaints or grievances, as well as on client rights.

Membership of the stakeholder advisory committee should consist of at least 51% consumers and family members, with at least 3 consumer members.  Other members are community stakeholders with an interest in the success of the ACT team.  These may include representatives of organizations that interact with the ACT team, such as jail release staff, landlords, homeless service providers, and landlords.