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Ask the Doctor with Dr. Ken Duckworth, NAMI Medical Director

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  1. How can families and individuals living with ADHD secure an accurate diagnosis and what should they ask their mental health providers?

  2. Do parenting styles or family dynamics affect the development of ADHD in children?

  3. Can my child out grow ADHD as his/her neurological development matures, or is it a lifetime illness?

  4. What is the prevalence of youth living with ADHD and co-occurring disorders?

  5. If my child or adolescent is showing signs of oppositional behavior along with ADHD, what additional approaches can I use?

  6. Are ADHD treatment options different for adults versus children (And will my child require medication as an adult, too?)

  7. What are some effective medication treatments and what are the potential side effects of these medications?

  8. What psychosocial interventions have been found to be effective for children living with ADHD?

  9. Besides medications and psychosocial interventions, what are some complementary or alternative methods used for intervention with ADHD?

  10. Can you discuss some challenges and tips for young adults living with ADHD entering post-secondary education and the workplace?

  11. What are some good questions for mental health providers?

  12. What advice do you have about personalized treatment plans?

  13. Can ADHD cause someone problems in his or her marriage?