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To receive the latest news and connect with others on college mental health issues, join our social networking pages and groups.

  • If you are a young adult, connect with your peers by joining, NAMI's online resource center and social networking website for young adults living with mental illness. The site includes a Campus Life section.
  • Join NAMI's College and Young Adults Discussion Group to discuss college issues with others.
  • Start a NAMI on Campus club to raise awareness of mental health at your college and meet others interested in mental health.
  • Follow StrengthofUs on Twitter and FaceBook to receive regular updates on young adult and college issues (even if you are not a young adult!).
  • Follow NAMI on Twitter and FaceBook to receive regular updates on general mental health news.
  • Join NAMI's child, adolescent and young adult e-group to get updates on mental health issues impacting these populations. To sign-up, email