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Have You Shared NAMI Today? visitors are sharing articles and resources with their family and peers across the top social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

How it works:

There is a link called “Share This” atop each page on Once clicked, visitors can share the page across 39 different social networks. When you link to NAMI from your blog or Facebook page, it can be viewed by hundred or even thousands of people. Any one of them could also share NAMI with their network – and so on.

This is really easy way to spread the NAMI mission, support others and help make NAMI a household name and we encourage everyone to start clicking.

NAMI Tweets

Want to get the latest from NAMI?  Now you can “follow” NAMI on the micro-blogging site 

Twitter enables NAMI to send brief updates, or “tweets”, to followers on anything, ranging from a TV special piece on mental illness, an urgent call to action, or the latest mental health headlines.

You can even sign up to have tweets sent to your mobile phone, so you’ll never miss an urgent message from NAMI.

Follow NAMI on Twitter today. The registration process for Twitter is fast, free, and easy.

Twitter: It’s NAMI on the go!

What’s In a Widget?

NAMI has released a Web-based application, or “widget”, to promote NAMI’s partnership with the TV series House. With just a couple of clicks, users can embed  the ad on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites.

The widget works much like the “Share This” feature: it allows NAMI user to spread the word and raise funds for NAMI. Just the first 100 users to embed the widget resulted in more than 20,000 views of the ad. will be releasing more of these features in the near future, so come back soon and keep sharing!