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NAMI Connection Celebrates its First Anniversary

NAMI ConnectionSupport. For many this means foundation, reinforcement, encouragement, and maintenance. Not just a cornerstone of the NAMI mission, it is also a critical component of recovery for the nearly 58 million Americans who experience a mental illness each year.

There is great value to having access to a place that offers respect, understanding, and hope.  For many people living with mental illness, such a place is no longer just a wish. It's a reality. What began as a vision of a support group available to anyone living with a mental illness has become the NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group program, now one year old and growing strong.

“I finally found what I’ve been looking for,” said a Colorado NAMI member. “A support group that has structure and, no matter where I am, I can always go to a NAMI Connection group and find what I need.”

Facilitated by trained individuals living with mental illness who are at a point in their own recovery where they want to “give back” to others, NAMI Connection offers a place each week where, for 90-minutes, individuals have access to encouragement and support. Offered free of charge to anyone with a mental illness, the groups are confidential and, for many, provide an option that is both welcoming and flexible.

NAMI Connection, currently offered in 16 states, will be available in 30 by the end of the summer and in all states by 2010. This first year, over 5,000 individuals have participated in the over 125 groups that are currently operating in communities across the country.

And for the dozens of trainers and hundreds of trained facilitators, NAMI Connection provides a doorway to even greater value. A sentiment shared by others, Kevin Niebur of Illinois perhaps states it best. “Being a NAMI Connection national trainer has allowed me to share my gifts and experience with others in a deeper way,” he states. “This validates my true meaning and purpose.”

Check out the movement that is NAMI Connection and get connected today.